List 94: Architecture – A Selection of Desirable Titles (Authors A to N)

This is the first of two lists which will offer a range of significant titles from our current stock. The second list, offering books by authors P-Z, will follow shortly.

The books listed range chronologically from Martino Bassi’s Dispareri in Materia d’Architettura, 1572 (item 2), notable for its inclusion of statements by Palladio, Vasari and Vignola, to a selection of useful recent books from the library of the late Gavin Stamp (items 10, 11, 12, 14, 32, 34, 47).

It is enough to highlight here our copy of the remarkable set of fourteen large folding engravings, dating from the late 1670s, which record Jules Hardouin-Mansart’s initial design for the domed chapel of the Invalides in Paris. These were clearly taken from Hardouin-Mansart’s original design drawings, now lost. We previously offered this set in our Catalogue 27, item 57, as far back now as February 1997, and have recently been able to repurchase it. As we record in our note, we are aware of just three other complete sets, all in institutional libraries in North America.