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Recent Additions

Here are some of the newest additions to our stock.
Davison, T. Raffles (ed)

The arts connected with building. Lectures on craftsmanship and design delivered at Carpenters Hall London Wall for the Worshipful Company of Carpenters by R.W. Schultz, C.F.A. Voysey, E. Guy Dawber, Laurence A. Turner, F.W. Troup, A. Romney Green, M.H. Baillie Scott, Chas. Spooner & J. Starkie Gardner.
London, B.T. Batsford 1909.
Jagger, Sargeant

Modelling and sculpture in the making.
London and New York, The Studio Limited 1933.
Deutscher Werkbund (ed)

Bau und Wohnung. Die Bauten der Weissenhofsiedlung in Stuttgart erichtet 1927 ... herausgegeben vom Deutscher Werkbund.
Stuttgart, Fr.Wedekind & Co 1927.
(Wendingen) (Dudok)

W.M.Dudok (title taken from upper cover of binding).
Amsterdam, 1924, 1928, 1930, 1930 (Wendingen, 6th series, no.8, 9th series, no.1, 11th series, nos.8 and 11/12 (double number))
(Wendingen) (Bouw-Beeldhouw-Werken)

Amsterdam, 1924 (Wendingen, 6th Series, no.1).
(Wendingen) (Eibink & Snellebrand and Poelzig, Hans)

(Eibink and Snellebrand, and Hans Poelzig issue).
Amsterdam, 1919 (Wendingen, vol.1, issue 11).
Maxwell, Robert

New British architecture.
London, Thames and Hudson 1972.
(Dixon Jones) Latham, Ian, & Swenarton, Mark (eds)

Jeremy Dixon and Edward Jones. Buildings and projects 1959-2002.
London, Right Angle Publishing 2002.
Perry, Victoria

Built for a better future : the Brynmawr Rubber Factory. Foreword by Andrew Saint.
Oxford, White Cockade Publishing 1994.
Stirling, James

Buildings and projects. James Stirling Michael Wilford and Associates. Introduction by Colin Rowe. Compiled and edited by Peter Arnell and Ted Bickford.
London, The Architectural Press 1984.
Korn, Arthur

Glass in modern architecture.
London, Barrie & Rockliff 1967.
(Emberton) Ind, Rosemary

London & Berkeley, Scolar Press 1983.
Faber, John

Oscar Faber his work, his firm, and afterwards.
London, Quiller Press 1989.
(Goldfinger) Warburton, Nigel

Ernö Goldfinger. The life of an architect.
London & New York, Routledge 2004.

Berthold Lubetkin. Un moderne en Angleterre.
Bruxelles, Pierre Mardaga (1983).
(Lubetkin) Allan, John

Berthold Lubetkin. Architecture and the tradition of progress.
London, RIBA Publications 1992.
(Aalto) Ray, Nicholas

Alvar Aalto.
New Haven and London, Yale University Press 2005.
(Mallet-Stevens) Deshoulières, Dominique (and others)

Rob Mallet-Stevens architecte.
Bruxelles, Editions des Archives d’Architecture Moderne nd (early 1980s).
(Goldfinger) Elwall, Robert

Ernö Goldfinger.
London, Academy Editions 1996 (RIBA Drawings Monographs no.3).
(Powell & Moya) Powell, Kenneth

Powell & Moya. Twentieth century architects.
London, RIBA Publishing 2009.
Collins, Peter

Concrete the vision of a new architecture. A study of Auguste Perret and his precursors.
London, Faber & Faber 1959.
Gowan, James

Style and configuration.
London, Academy Editions 1994.
Mendelsohn, Erich

Das Gesamtschaffen des Architekten. Skizzen Entwürfe Bauten.
Berlin, Rudolph Mosse Buchverlag 1930.
Smithson, Alison & Peter

Without rhetoric - an architectural aesthetic 1955-1972.
London, Latimer New Dimensions 1973.
(Perret) Champigneulle, Bernard

Paris, Arts et Métiers Graphiques 1959.
Gropius, Walter

The new architecture and the Bauhaus. Translated from the German by P. Morton Shand with an introduction by Frank Pick.
London, Faber & Faber Ltd 1935.
Pevsner, Nikolaus

Pioneers of the modern movement from William Morris to Walter Gropius.
New York, Museum of Modern Art 1949.
Sharp, Dennis

Modern architecture and expressionism.
London, Longmans, Green and Co 1966.
Ades, Dawn (and others) (eds)

Art and power. Europe under the dictators 1930-1945.
London, Hayward Gallery 1995.
Birkenhead, Earl of

The world in 2030 A.D.
London, Hodder and Stoughton nd (but preface dated March 1930).
Nairn, Ian

Your England revisited.
London, Hutchinson 1968 (”second edition (reset)”).
Martin, J.L. ; Nicholson, Ben ; Gabo, N. (eds.)

Circle. An international survey of constructive art.
New York, Praeger Publishers 1971.
Powers, Alan

Britain. Modern architectures in history.
London, Reaktion Books 2007.
Hitchmough, Wendy

Hoover Factory. Wallis, Gilbert and Partners.
London, Phaidon Press Ltd 1992.
Saler, Michael T.

The avant-garde in interwar England. Medieval modernism and the London Underground.
New York (&) Oxford, Oxford University Press 1999.
Galley, Kenneth A.

City planning : Newcastle upon Tyne.
London, Pyramid Press Limited nd (1972).
Bayer, Patricia

Art deco architecture. Design, decoration and detail from the twenties and thirties.
London, Thames and Hudson 1992.
Allsopp, Bruce (ed)

Modern architecture of Northern England.
Newcastle upon Tyne, Oriel Press Limited 1969.
Mills, Edward D.

1946-1953. The new architecture in Great Britain (title also given in French and German). With a foreword by Sir William Holford.
London, The Standard Catalogue Co Ltd 1953.
Bingham, Neil

Wright to Gehry. Drawings from the collection of Barbara Pine.
London, Sir John Soane’s Museum 2005.
Lewison, Jeremy (ed)

Circle. Constructive art in Britain 1934-40.
Cambridge, Kettle’s Yard Gallery 1982.
(Myerscough-Walker) (Stamp, Gavin)

Raymond Myerscough-Walker architect and perspectivist.
London, Architectural Association 1984.
(Smith, Paul (and others))

Berlin Tempelhof Liverpool Speke Paris Le Bourget. Anneés 30 architecture des aéroports (title also given in English and German).
Paris, Editions du Patrimoine 2000.
Cohen, Jean-Louis

Scenes of the world to come. European architecture and the American challenge 1893-1960. Preface by Hubert Damisch.
(Paris), Flammarion (and (Montreal), Canadian Centre for Architecture) 1995.
Powers, Alan

Modern. The modern movement in Britain. Photography by Morley von Sternberg.
London (and New York), Merrell 2005.
Cohen, Jean-Louis (ed)

Les années 30. L’architecture et les arts de l’espace entre industrie et nostalgie.
(Paris), Editions du Patrimoine 1997.
(Saint, Andrew)

A change of heart. English architecture since the war. A policy for protection.
London, Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England 1992.
Powers, Alan

The twentieth century house in Britain from the archives of Country Life.
London, Aurum Press 2004.
Borsi, Franco

The monumental era. European architecture and design 1929-1939.
London, Lund Humphries 1987.
Sharp, Dennis (ed)

The rationalists. Theory and design in the modern movement.
New York, Architectural Book Publishing Company 1979.
Betham, Ernest (ed)

House building 1934-1936. A complete key to available house-building finance from all sources ... also typical plans and illustrations.
London, The Federated Employers’ Press Ltd (1934).
Wofle, Ivor de (ed) (pseudonym)

Civilia. The end of suburban man a challenge to semidetsia.
London, Architectural Press 1971.
Yorke, F.R.S., & Penn, Colin T.

A key to modern architecture.
London and Glasgow, Blackie and Son Limited (1939).
McGrath, Raymond

Twentieth century houses.
London, Faber & Faber 1934.
Shand, P. Morton

The architecture of pleasure. Modern theatres and cinemas.
London, Batsford 1930.
Overy, Paul

Light, air and openness. Modern architecture between the wars.
London, Thames & Hudson 2007.
Wright, H. Myles (ed)

Small houses £500 - £2,500.
London, Architectural Press 1938 (”second impression”).
Tunnard, Christopher

Gardens in the modern landscape.
London, Architectural Press 1938.
Yorke, F.R.S. & Gibberd, Frederick

The modern flat.
London, The Architectural Press 1937.
Jencks, Charles

The language of post-modern architecture. Revised enlarged edition.
London, Academy Editions 1978.
Jencks, Charles

The language of post-modern architecture.
London, Academy Editions 1977.
Allen, Thomas

The panorama of London, and visitor’s pocket companion, in a tour through the metropolis. Illustrated by numerous engravings, by J.Rogers.
London, G.Virtue 1830.

Genève. Avec une introduction de J.L.Albaret, Président du Conseil Administratif de la Ville de Genève.
Genève, Editions Les Archives Internationales 1930.
(Jurkovic) Borutova, Dana (and others) (eds)

Dusan Jurkovic. Suborna vystava architektinickeho diela (General survey of the architectural work).
Bratislava, 1993.
Lethaby, W.R.

Home and country arts.
London, “reprinted from and published by “Home and Country” the N.F.W.I. magazine, 26 Eccleston Street, London, S.W.1” 1923.

The Cambridge guide, including historical and architectural notices of the public buildings, and a concise account of the customs and ceremonies of the University ... a new edition. Illustrated by thirty-two beautiful engravings, from drawings by Mackenzie.
Cambridge, for J. & J.Deighton (and others) 1837.
Lake, J.W.

Guide de l’étranger à Londres et dans ses environs, précédé d’un itinéraire descriptif et topographique des routes de Paris à Londres, avec tous les renseignemens utiles aux voyageurs. Nouvelle édition, revue et augmentée.
Paris, Audin 1835.
(Cruchley, George Frederick)

Cruchley’s picture of London, or, visitor’s assistant, comprising the history, rise, and progress of the metropolis to the present period. And a sketch of the most remarkable features of its environs, necessary for the foreigner or stranger. To which is annexed, a new map of London (etc).
London, G.F.Cruchley nd (preface dated May 1831).
(Magyar) Tibor, Bakonyi

Magyar Ede.
Budapest, Akademiai Kiado 1989.
Lethaby, W.R.

Greek buildings represented by fragments in the British Museum.
London, B.T.Batsford 1908.
(Arkay) Dercsenyi, Balazs

Arkay Aladar.
Budapest, Akademiai Kiado 1967.
(Richardson) Meister, Maureen (ed)

H.H.Richardson. The architect, his peers, and their era.
Cambridge, MIT Press 1999.
McLees, David

Castell Coch.
Cardiff, CADW 2010.
(Semper) Mallgrave, Harry Francis

Gottfried Semper architect of the nineteenth century.
New Haven & London, Yale University Press 1996.
Blomfield, Reginald & Thomas, F. Inigo

The formal garden in England.
London, Macmillan and Co Limited 1901.
Crowe, Sylvia

The landscape of power. With diagrams by Michael Laurie.
London, Architectural Press 1958.
Rogers, P.G.

The sixth trumpeter. The story of Jezreel and his tower.
London, Oxford University Press 1963.
Phillips, R.Randal & Woolrich, Ellen

Furnishing the house.
London, Country Life Ltd 1921.
Rietdorf, Alfred

Gilly, Wiedegeburt der Architektur.
Berlin, Hans von Hugo Verlag (1940).
(Griggs) Moore, Jerrold Northrop

F.L.Griggs (1876-1938). The architecture of dreams.
Oxford, Clarendon Press 1999.

Paul Abadie, architecte 1812-1884.
Paris, Editions de la Réunion des Musées Nationaux 1988.

Ludwig Persius Architekt des Königs. Baukunst unter Friedrich Wilhelm IV.
Potsdam, Stiftung Preussische Schlösser und Gärten Berlin-Brandenburg 2003.
(Barber Institute, Birmingham)

The Barber Institute of Fine Arts the University of Birmingham. Opened by Her Majesty Queen Mary July 26th 1939 (title taken from upper cover).
Birmingham, Trustees of the Barber Institute of Fine Arts (1939).
(Bull) Tschudi-Madsen, Stephan

Henrik Bull.
Oslo, Universitetsforlaget 1983.
Kotera, Jan

Meine und meiner schüler Arbeiten 1898-1901.
Wien, Anton Schroll & Co nd (1902).
(Wendingen) (Berlage)

H.P.Berlage (Wendingen, vol.3, nos 11/12, Nov - Dec 1920).
Cram, Ralph Adams

Church building. A study of the principles of architecture in their relation to the church. Third edition.
Boston, Marshall Jones Company 1924.
Girouard, Mark

Big Jim. The life and work of James Stirling.
London, Chatto & Windus 1998.
Institution of Civil Engineers

Practical planning. Engineering science applied to the development of Great Britain (title taken from upper cover).
(London, Institution of Civil Engineers 1943).
Council for the Preservation of Rural England

Your house on view. Our homes and their setting.
(No place of publication), Council for the Preservation of Rural England 1957.
McMinnies, W.G.

Signpost. Independent guide to pleasant ports of call.
London, Simpkin Marshall Ltd (”trade agent”), March 1937 (third edition).
McMinnies, W.G.

Signpost. An independent guide to pleasant ports of call in England, Scotland and Wales.
London, Simpkin Marshall (1941) Limited (”trade agent”), 1947.
(Semper) Herrmann, Wolfgang

Gottfried Semper. In search of architecture.
Cambridge, MIT Press 1984.
(Smythson) Girouard, Mark

Robert Smythson & the Elizabethan country house.
New Haven, Yale University Press 1983.
(Comper) Symondson, Anthony, & Bucknall, Stephen

Sir Ninian Comper. An introduction to his life and work with complete gazetteer. With Of the Atmosphere of a Church by Sir Ninian Comper.
Reading, Spire Books & the Ecclesiological Society 2006.
(Ashbee) Crawford, Alan

C.R.Ashbee architect, designer & romantic socialist.
New Haven and London, Yale University Press 1985.
Phillips, Randal

The house improved.
London, Country Life 1931.
Wagner, Otto

Modern architecture. A guidebook for his students to this field of art.
Santa Monica, The Getty Centre for the History of Art and the Humanities 1988.
Robertson, Alexander (and others)

Angels of anarchy and machines for making clouds. Surrealism in Britain in the thirties.
Leeds, Leeds City Art Galleries 1986.
Briggs, Asa

St.Philip’s Cathedral Birmingham. The first hundred years. Cathedral, community, diocese 1905-2005.
Birmingham, Birmingham Cathedral 2006.
(Ford Madox Brown) Treuherz, Julian

Ford Madox Brown Pre-Raphaelite pioneer. With contributions from Angela Thirlwell and Kenneth Bendiner.
London, Philip Wilson Publishers (and Manchester Art Gallery) 2011.
Gill, Eric

Work & property &.
London, J.M.Dent & Sons Ltd 1937 (for Hague & Gill Ltd, High Wycombe).
Davie, W.Galsworthy, & Green, W.Curtis

Old cottages and farmhouses in Surrey. Photographed by W.Galsworthy Davie. With an introduction and sketches by W.Curtis Green ARIBA.
London, B.T.Batsford 1908.
Coleby, Nicola (ed)

A surreal life : Edward James 1907-1984.
Brighton, Royal Pavilion (with Philip Wilson Publishers) 1998.
Calloway, Stephen, & Orr, Lynn Federle (eds)

The cult of beauty. The aesthetic movement 1860-1900.
London, V & A Publishing 2011.
Curtis, Penelope (ed)

Patronage & practice. Sculpture on Merseyside.
Liverpool, Tate Gallery Publications 1989.
(Palladio) Bicknell, Julian (and others)

Celebrating Palladio. Catalogue published for the exhibition at Plus One Gallery, November 2008.
Read, Benedict, & Skipwith, Peyton

Sculpture in Britain between the wars.
London, The Fine Art Society 1986.
Henderson, Arthur E.

Glastonbury Abbey then and now. Illustrated with drawings by the author and various photographs.
London, Simpkin Marshall Ltd 1935.
Kent, Arnold, & Stephenson, Andrew

Norwich inheritance.
Norwich, Jarrold & Sons Ltd nd (late 1940s ?).
Garcia Espuche, Albert

Civitats : del globus al satel.lit. (Cities from balloon to satellit).
Barcelona, Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona (and Madrid, Electa) 1994.
Scott, Jonathan

The pleasures of antiquity. British collectors of Greece and Rome.
New Haven & London, Yale University Press for the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art 2004 (”second printing”).
(Canaletto) Beddington, Charles

Canaletto in England. A Venetian artist abroad, 1746-1755. With essays by Brian Allen and Charles Russell.
New Haven and London, Yale University Press (for Yale Center for British Art and Dulwich Picture Gallery) 2006.
Richards, Julian

Stonehenge. A history in photographs.
London, English Heritage 2004.
Porphyrios, Demetri (ed)

On the methodology of architectural history.
London, Architectural Design 1981.
Tilbrook, Adrian J., & Fischer Fine Art Limited

Truth, beauty and design. Victorian, Edwardian and later decorative art. An exhibition at Fischer Fine Art Limited 15 May - 27 June 1986.
London, Fischer Fine Art Limited 1986.
Kuruyazici, Hasan (ed)

Armenian architects of Istanbul in the era of Westernization.
Istanbul, Hrant Dink Foundation 2010.
Wood, Ghislaine (ed)

Surreal things. Surrealism and design.
(London), V & A Publications 2007.
Gill, Eric

Clothes. An essay upon the nature and significance of the natural and artificial integuments worn by men and women ... with ten diagrams engraved by the author.
London, Jonathan Cape 1931.
(Beevers, David, (ed))

Chinese whispers. Chinoiserie in Britain 1650-1930.
Brighton and Hove, Royal Pavilion & Museums 2008.
Rabreau, Daniel

Architectural drawings of the eighteenth century (title also given in French and Italian).
Paris, Bibliothèque de l’Image 2001.
Thornton, Peter

Authentic decor. The domestic interior 1620-1920.
London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1984.
Battersby, Martin

The decorative twenties.
London, Studio Vista 1969.
Nash, Paul

Room and book.
London, The Soncino Press Ltd 1932.
(Centre Georges Pompidou)

Images et imaginaires d’architecture. Dessin peinture photographie arts graphiques théâtre cinéma en Europe aux XIxe et XXe siècles.
Paris, 1984.
(Haig) Crook, J.Mordaunt, & Lennox-Boyd, C.A.

Axel Haig and the Victorian vision of the middle ages.
London, George Allen & Unwin 1984.
Hobhouse, Christopher

Oxford as it was and as it is today.
London, B.T.Batsford Ltd 1948.
Cork, Richard

A bitter truth. Avant-Garde art and the Great War.
New Haven and London, Yale University Press 1994.
Holmes, John M.

Colour in interior decoration.
London, The Architectural Press (and New York, Charles Scribner’s Sons) 1931.
Battersby, Martin

The decorative thirties.
London, Studio Vista 1974.
Haan, Hilde de & Haagsma, Ids

Architects in competition. International architectural competitions of the last 200 years. With essays by Dennis Sharp and Kenneth Frampton.
London & New York, Thames and Hudson 1988.

Victorian and Edwardian decorative art. the Handley-Read collection. 4 March to 30 April 1972. Diploma Galleries, The Royal Academy of Arts.
(London, 1972).
Palladio, Andrea

I quattro libri dell’architettura ... ne’ quali, dopo un breve trattato de’ cinque ordini ... si tratta delle case private, delle vie, de i ponti, delle piazze, de i xisti, & de’ tempii.
Venezia, Bartolomeo Carampello 1601.
Serlio, Sebastiano

Regole generali di architettura ... sopra le cinque maniere de gli edifici ... con nove additioni, & castigationi, del medesimo autore in questa terza editione fatte : come ne la sequente carta è notato.
Venezia, (Francesco Marcolini) 1544.
Venuti, Ridolfino, & Amaduzzi, Giovanni Cristoforo

Vetera monumenta quae in hortis Caelimontanis et in aedibus Matthaeiorum adservantur nunc primum in unum collecta et annotationibus illustrata.
Roma, Venanzio Monaldini 1779, 1776, 1778.
Scamozzi, Vincenzo

Dell’idea della architettura universale.
Venetia, Giorgio Valentino 1615 (“expensis auctoris”).
L’Orme, Philibert de

Le premier tome de l’architecture.
Paris, “chez Federic Morel, Rue S.Jean de Beauvais” 1567.
Society of Dilettanti

Ionian antiquities, published with the permission of the Society of Dilettanti, by R.Chandler, M.A. F.S.A. N.Revett, architect; W.Pars, painter ; Antiquities of Ionia, published by the Society of Dilettanti. Part the second.
London, (Vol.I) “printed by T.Spilsbury and W.Haskell” 1769 (but including the supplementary chapter IV, published in 1785) (Vol.II) “printed by W.Bulmer and Co. for George Nicol, Bookseller to His Majesty, Pall-Mall” 1797.
Marot, Jean

Recueil des plans profils et elevations des plusieurs palais chasteaux eglises sepultures grotes et hostels, bâtis dans Paris, et aux environs, avec beaucoup de magnificence, par les meilleurs architectes de royaume, deseignez, mesurés, et gravez par Jean Marot architecte parisien.
(No imprint, but Paris, mid 1670s ?).
Pain, William & James

Pain’s British Palladio : or, the builder’s general assistant. Demonstrating, in the most easy and practical method, all the principal rules of architecture, from the ground plan to the ornamental finish .. the whole correctly engraved on forty-two copper plates, from the original designs of William and James Pain.
London, “printed by H.D.Steel, in Lothbury, for the authors, at No.3, Little Red Lion Court, Charterhouse Lane, near West Smithfield” 1786.
Bertotti Scamozzi, Ottavio

Le fabbriche e i disegni di Andrea Palladio raccolti ed illustrati ... opera divisa in quattro tomi con tavole in rame rappresentanti le piante, i prospetti, e gli spaccati ; Le terme dei Romani disegnate da Andrea Palladio a ripubblicate con la giunta di alcune osservazioni… giusta l’esemplare del Lord Conte Burlington.
Vicenza, Giovanni Rossi 1796; Vicenza, Tommaso Parise 1810.
Rawlins, Thomas

Familiar architecture ; consisting of original designs for gentlemen and tradesmen, parsonages and summer-retreats ; with back-fronts, sections, &. Together with banqueting-rooms, churches, and chimney-pieces. To which is added, the masonry of the semicircular and elliptical arches, with practical remarks.
(No place of publication but evidently Norwich), “printed for the author” 1768.
Bertotti Scamozzi, Ottavio

Il forestiere istruito delle cose più rare di architettura, e di alcune pitture della città di Vicenza.
Vicenza, Giovambattista Vendramini Mosca 1761.
(Rodchenko) (Cogan, P. (ed))

L’art décoratif et industriel de l’U.R.S.S. Edition du Comité de la Section de l’U.R.S.S. à l’Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs Paris 1925.
Moscou, (1925).
Wood, John

Choir Gaure, vulgarly called Stonehenge, on Salisbury Plain, described, restored, and explained ; in a letter to the Right Honourable Edward late Earl of Oxford and Mortimer.
Oxford, printed at the Theater 1747.
Benson, E.F.

The image in the sand.
London, William Heinemann 1905.
Furttenbach, Joseph

Architectura recreationis. Das ist: von allerhand nutzlich und erfrewlichen civilischen Gebäwen: in vier unterschidliche Haupstuck eingetheilt .... alles aus selbst eigener vil-jähriger praxi, und experienza auffgemerckt und zusamen getragen allhier mit 36 Kupffer-stucken deliniert unnd beschriben.
Augspurg, Johann Schultes 1640.
Troost, Gerdy (ed.)

Das Bauen im neuen Reich.
Bayreuth, Gauverlag 1942 (”38 bis 49 Tausend”), 1943 (”12 bis 22 Tausend”).
Marr, T(homas) R(obert)

Housing conditions in Manchester and Salford. A report prepared for the Citizens’ Association for the Improvement of the unwholesome Dwellings and Surroundings of the People, with the aid of the Executive Committee.
Manchester, Sherratt and Hughes at the University Press, 1904.
Gower, Lord Ronald

“Bric à brac” or some photoprints illustrating art objects at Gower Lodge, Windsor.
London, Kegan Paul Trench & Co 1888.
Dearn, T(homas) D(ownes) W(ilmot)

Sketches in architecture; consisting of original designs for cottages and rural dwellings, suitable to persons of moderate fortune, and for convenient retirement; with plans and appropriate scenery to each (bound with) Designs for lodges and entrances to parks, paddocks, and pleasure-grounds, in the Gothic, cottage, and fancy stiles, with characteristic scenery and descriptive letter-press.
London, “published by J.Taylor, at the Architectural Library, No.59, High Holborn” 1807, 1811.
Plaw, John ; Laing, David

Ferme ornée; or, rural improvements. A series of domestic and ornamental designs, suited to parks, plantations, rides, walks, rivers, farms, & ... calculated for landscape and picturesque effects. Engraved in aquatinta on thirty-eight plates. With appropriate scenery, plans, and explanations. A new edition (bound with) Hints for dwellings : consisting of original designs for cottages, farm-houses, villas, &. plain and ornamental ; with plans to each : in which strict attention is paid to unite convenience and elegance with economy. Including some designs for town houses ... elegantly engraved, in aqua-tinta, on thirty-four plates, with appropriate scenery.
London, “J.Taylor, at the Architectural Library, No.59, High Holborn”, 1800, (same imprint) 1801.
Loudon, John

A treatise on forming, improving, and managing country residences; and on the choice of situations appropriate to every class of purchasers. In all which the object in view is to unite in better manner than has hitherto been done, a taste founded in nature with economy and utility ... with an appendix, containing an enquiry into the utility and merits of Mr Repton’s mode of shewing effects by slides and sketches, and strictures on his opinions and practice in landscape gardening (etc).
London, Longman, Hurst, Rees and Orme 1806.
Austin, Henry

Thoughts on the abuses of the present system of competition in architecture; with an outline of a plan for their remedy.
London, J.Weale 1841.
(Stretton) (Robertson, G.C., ed.)

The Stretton manuscripts : being notes on the history of Nottinghamshire, by William Stretton, (of Lenton Priory), died 1828.
Nottingham, privately printed 1910.
(Lorimer) Hussey, Christopher

The work of Sir Robert Lorimer KBE ARA RSA.
London, Country Life Limited 1931.
Nicholson, Peter

The carpenter’s new guide: being a complete book of lines for carpentry and joinery. Treating fully of practical geometry, soffits, brick and plaister groins, niches of every description, sky-lights, lines for roofs and domes (etc) ... the sixth edition, corrected and enlarged.
London, “printed for J.Taylor, at the Architectural Library, no.59, High Holborn” 1814.
(Wright, Edward)

Edward Wright readings, writings.
(No imprint, but “published on the occasion of an exhibition at the Department ofTypography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading, January 2007”).
Byne, Arthur (and) Stapley, Mildred

Provincial houses in Spain.
New York, William Helburn Inc 1925.
Müller-Wulckow, Walter

Bauten der Arbeit und des Verkehrs aus deutscher Gegenwart.
Königstein im Taunus & Leipzig, Karl Robert Langewiesche 1925 (”1 bis 20 Tausend”).
Müller-Wulckow, Walter

Bauten der Arbeit und des Verkehrs aus deutscher Gegenwart. Neue, erweiterte Ausgabe.
Königstein im Taunus & Leipzig, Karl Robert Langewiesche 1929 (”37-50 Tausend”).
Pinder, Wilhelm

Deutsche Dome des Mittelalters.
Königstein im Taunus & Leipzig, Karl Robert Langewiesche 1923 (”174 bis 178 Tausend”).
Pinder, Wilhelm

Deutscher Barock. Die grossen Baumeister des 18 Jahrhunderts.
Königstein im Taunus, Karl Robert Langewiesche (1913) (”einunddreissigstes bis zweiundsechzigstes Tausend”).
(Tore, Türme und Brunnen)

Tore, Türme und Brunnen aus vier Jahrhunderten deutsche Vergangenheit.
Köingstein im Taunus & Leipzig, Karl Robert Langewiesche 1922 (“76 bis 100 Tausend”).
(Kaufman) Bie, Oscar

Der Architekt Oskar Kaufmann. Vorwort von Oscar Bie.
Berlin-Charlottenburg, Ernst Pollak 1928.
De Fries, H(einrich) (ed.)

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