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(Churches, Chapels and Public Buildings)

(A small group of tinted lithographs and related material illustrating designs by British architects for churches, chapels, for the roof of London’s Guildhall, etc.)

(Mid 1840s - early 1860s).

Reference: 13452
Price: £110 [convert currency]

Full Description

9 items (including 8 tinted litho perspective views, as described above). Mounted on sheets removed by a previous owner from a mid-nineteenth century album. Some of the sheets also carry unrelated lithographs or engravings (of which a few are of buildings).

It was the practice in the middle years of the nineteenth century for architects involved in commissions for churches and for other types of public building to circulate lithographed perspective views of their intended designs, partly as a means of raising the funds to construct the buildings concerned, and partly just for publicity. No comprehensive census of such items has ever been attempted, but we offer this small group in the hope that it will find an appropriate home.The designs in question are these : (1) Tinted perspective view, St.Paul’s Chapel, Rotherhithe, W.Beatson, architect, 205 x 270mm ; (2) Tinted perspective view, Holy Trinity Church, Halstead, Essex, Scott & Moffatt architects, 270 x 360mm ; (3) Tinted perspective view, St.Peter’s Hospital, Newington, Surrey, 220 x 410mm ; (4) Tinted perspective view, Dissenting Chapel, City of London Cemetery, Little Ilford, Essex, William Haywood architect, 1856, 275 x 215mm ; (5) Tinted perspective view, Episcopal Chapel, City of London Cemetery, Little Ilford, Essex, William Haywood architect, 1856, 280 x 215mm ; (6-7) Two different tinted perspective views of Chapels, West Ham Cemetery, Forest Lane, Stratford, Essex, T.E.Knightley architect, 215 x 175mm (oval shape) ; (8) Tinted perspective view (finished in hand colouring), New Roof to Guildhall, restored by Horace Jones architect, 260 x 175, preserved in a contemporary mount and accompanied by a decorative printed sheet ; (9) Lithographic sheet reproducing “Drawing of the Glass Triangle and Stand, which were placed under the first stone of the new Coal Market on the 14th December 1847” (i.e. the London Coal Exchange, designed by the architect J.B.Bunning).