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Wulff, Oskar

Die Koimeskirche in Nicäa und ihre Mosaiken nebst den verwandten kirchlichen Baudenkmälern. Eine Untersuchung zur Geschichte der Byzantinischen Kunst im 1 Jahrtausend.

Strassburg, J.H.Ed.Heitz (Heitz & Mundel) 1903.

Reference: 13555
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Full Description

Large 8vo. vii + (1) + 329 + (1)pp, 6 plates (of which 4 are photo), 43 text ills (some photo). Early twentieth century cloth. Author’s ink presentation inscription on half-title leaf to Dr A(rthur) Haseloff, December 1902 (sic), later stamped ownership inscriptions of Prof.A(rthur) Haseloff and Prof.Günther Haseloff.

A surprisingly rare and sought-after monograph on the Church of the Dormition at Nicaea in Turkey, owing its utility to the fact that this impressive Byzantine church, dating from the eighth century or earlier, was completely destroyed in 1922. Its author, Oskar Wulff (1864-1956), subsequently Professor of Eastern European Art History at Berlin, had in fact been born in St.Petersburg, and the research on which the present book is based was carried out while he was a student at the Russian Archaeological Institute at Constantinople in the late 1890s. The book offers a comprehensive account of the church’s structure and mosaics, and makes helpful comparisons with other churches of the Byzantine period. It should be recorded that its four photo plates, reused from an earlier article by the author in a Russian periodical, carry the imprint of the Moscow photographic firm of Scherer, Nabholz & Co., and that its author’s ink presentation inscription to a fellow art historian, Arthur Haseloff, indicates that copies of the book were already available in December 1902, despite its 1903 imprint.