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S.I.E.D.V.M.W.A.S. (pseudonym)

Hippolytus redivivus id est remedium contemnendi sexum muliebrem. Autore S.I.E.D.V.M.W.A.S.

(No publisher’s imprint but Netherlands ?), 1644 (but later ?).

Reference: 13594
Price: £220 [convert currency]

Full Description

18mo. 96pp. Eighteenth century boards, spine worn and slightly cracking at upper joint, with some loss of paper surface at foot.

A forceful satirical attack in Latin on the whole female sex, criticising almost every aspect of the female character, including women’s libido. Although the anonymous author seeks to take some of the sting out of his remarks by indicating in his prefatory address to the reader that in reality he really loves women, the tone of this satire is sexist in the extreme and would scarcely have been tolerated in the seventeenth century, let alone today. It has however been remarked by twentieth century scholars that the author’s suggestion that masturbation might be the only way of resisting female temptation must be one of the earliest admissions in print that masturbation might not be sinful. The book exists in two editions, distinguished by Brunet as a first edition of 96pp, as here, and a second edition of 108pp which incorporates some non-related text at the end. The first edition exists in at least two states, typographically very similar but using a different printers’ ornament on the title leaf and a different decorative block for the capital letter D at the start of the text on p.5. There is no obvious way of determining which state is the earlier, but we suspect that our copy may be of the second of these two states.