(Richardson, C.J.) (attrib.)

(Plan of a large house ; sketch for an ornate mantelpiece).

(c. 1840s-1850s).

Reference: 07739
Price: £250 [convert currency]

Full Description

Plan in pencil, pen and black and brown ink with scale on recto and drawing in pen and ink on verso. 545 x 660mm. Several marginal tears and torn area in one corner clumsily replaced with twentieth century paper, numerous pin pricks following lines of plan. Twentieth century pencil inscription, “C.J. Richardson”.

A hand-drawn plan of a large, irregular building, possibly a country house with additions from various dates. The plan has several amendments in pencil and brown ink, suggesting that the draughtsman was undertaking a commission to modify or renovate parts of the building. This plan once belonged to Sir Albert Richardson, and a pencil inscription almost certainly in his hand attributes the plans to C.J. Richardson, a successful architect in his own right, and it seems likely that the plan was for a commission to be carried out by C.J. Richardson’s practice. On the verso of the sheet is a pen and ink drawing of, or for, an ornate mantelpiece.

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