Pagan, M.A.

Tipi dell’ubicazione dei frammenti rinvenuti negli escavi eseguiti in Verona nell’anno 1851 per l’erezione della Casa in Via Redentore al Civico No. 4160 che si ritengono appartenere all’antico Teatro Veronese.


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Oblong folio. Three measured drawings of the excavations, numbered I-III, in pen and black and red ink. Original paper portfolio, with title and contents carefully handwritten in ink, the upper cover slightly marked and creased at one corner, with one corner of each of the drawings a little creased. The last plate has a small, light stain to its bottom right-hand corner, and a mark with neat repair to a small hole in its bottom left-hand corner, but the drawings otherwise clean.

Three carefully executed measured drawings of excavations undertaken at a site near the Teatro Romano in Verona in 1851 by the architect Marco Antonio Pagan de Paganis (1817-c.1870). Excavation of the theatre, located around the area of the Via Redentore, had been started in the 1750s, but continued through the nineteenth century and into the twentieth. Certain local businessmen funded some of the excavations, such as Andrea Monga, who in 1834 bought a number of the houses on the site and arranged for excavations to begin. The excavations recorded here were apparently started before building work for a new house got under way, but the finds appear to have been significant as they included a double burial and a stone inscription dedicating the building to the emperor Claudius I, seemingly dating the Roman masonry in this part of the site to 41-54 AD (although the main part of the theatre is presumed to be Augustan). The drawings provide a site map of the Roman finds with later building work indicated in red, as well as longitudinal and transverse sections and an illustration of the inscription. The text on the drawings and on the upper cover of the portfolio has been carefully handwritten as if printed. We are unaware whether the drawings were subsequently published. EU purchasers should note that we have to charge them VAT at 17.5% on this item.

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