Steinhausen, G.

Zimmerwände, Durchfahrten, Vestibules etc. und ihre decorative Ausstättung für bürgerliche und herrschaftliche Wohnungen.

Weimar, Bernhard Friedrich Voigt 1881.

Reference: 02227
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Full Description

Folio. iv pp, 12 double-page tinted litho plates. Pub printed board portfolio, spine repaired.

Designs by a Stuttgart architect for the decorative treatment of walls, passages and entrance halls, all in a bold Germanic renaissance-cum-classical style with nationalist or triumphalist overtones (one design features a frieze of armorial shields celebrating the Prussian victories in the Franco-Prussian war). They include the interior which Steinhausen designed in 1874 for the Fest Saal of the Gesellen-Vereins-Haus in Stuttgart, and are characteristic of a now largely forgotten period of German architecture. This original edition not in NUC (the Avery Library has a reissue dated 1885).

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