List 95: Architecture – A Selection of Desirable Titles (P-Z)

This is the second of two lists that offer a range of significant titles from our current stock.

The books listed range in date from a copy of the third edition of Andrea Palladio’s I Quattro Libri dell’Architettura, 1601 (item 5) to Gavin Stamp’s copy of Mark Girouard’s Big Jim, The Life and Work of James Stirling, 1998 (item 30). We highlight the Girouard title here because the letters and other items tucked inside it by Stamp exemplify the challenges confronting any serious architectural historian in assessing the work of an architect only recently deceased.

We also draw our readers’ attention to the run of Pugin titles that we offer here, including three scarce pamphlets (items 13, 15, 16). We particularly commend item 13, both for the frankness with which Pugin discusses his architectural career and architectural beliefs, and for the fact that it makes agreeable reading.

Also fun to read are the pioneering discussions of the architecture and urban planning of central London by those two penetrating eighteenth century critics, James Ralph (item 18) and John Stewart (item 28).